MAKO Energy

Low cost, predictable, renewable energy.

MAKO Energy has designed and now manufactures a range of hydrokinetic turbines capable of operating in a variety of flow rates, making them deployable in the greatest range of locations around the world. Even at low flow rates, the MAKO is able to produce electricity cost-effectively.

The MAKO Tidal Energy System range is now available for customers.

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From baseload power from canals for rural communities to energy recapture at power stations and dams.


The MAKO can be installed at or near existing coastal infrastructure to save power costs at wharves and bridges


For islands, coastal communities or businesses at sea, the MAKO provides local power far cheaper and cleaner than diesel gensets.

CNN features MAKO

MAKO Energy has been featured in a mini-documentary now being screened by CNN in a series, the Global Energy Challenge, sponsored by BP Energy.