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Our Customers

The MAKO Energy System is now available in the Asia Pacific region, addressing the energy needs of customers in our target segments.  We will be rolling out our product range in 2020-2021.

The power of the tides, or any constantly flowing water can be a source of 100% predictable power. 

Contact us to find out how we can generate clean renewable power from a resource hiding in plain site.

Constantly flowing channels - power stations, dams and canals

The MAKO-ERG has been engineered as an energy recapture device for power stations and dams as well as a source of baseload power from canal systems.

To view our ERG video, click here

To view our ERG brochure, click here

Bridges and Wharves

The MAKO.7 is a modular, low cost renewable energy source for sites with tidal or river flows above 3 knots (1.5m/sec).  The MAKO can be deployed at or near to existing infrastructure to significantly reduce the cost of local electricity.

We have already deployed at the Port of Gladstone in Australia and the Sentosa Bridge in Singapore.

Use the Contact page to find out more about how the MAKO can operate at your site.

Islands and Communities

The MAKO modular, low cost renewable energy system utilises multiple smaller units to produce as much power as is needed.  Ideal for integration with the existing energy mix, the MAKO targets the most expensive and polluting source of power - diesel generators.

Use the Contact page to find out more about how the MAKO can improve and lower the cost of your energy mix.

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