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MAKO Energy



A new class of tidal turbine built from innovative design and engineering. Unlocking the true potential of ocean renewable energy. 


MAKO Turbines - powerful

Delivers industry leading turbine efficiency that maintains top-level performance in real-world turbulent flows, at sea and in operation.


MAKO Turbines - depndable

The MAKO has been proven in many operating environments. On-board industrial
internet telemetry (IoT) provides real-time assurance, predictable power output and consistently safe operation.

MAKO Turbines - versatile

Suitable for tidal flows, rivers, irrigation canals, and tailraces. The MAKO unlocks energy from even slow moving water.

The MAKO is also suited to many deployment options – floating barge, pole-mount, bridge-mount or sea-bed gravity anchor.


MAKO Turbines - scalable

The MAKO is perfectly suited for large or small scale power needs.  It can be deployed as a standalone source of power or combined in arrays to provide as much power as is required.   

MAKO Turbines - Cost competitive


The MAKO lowers the cost-per-kW of ocean renewable energy through technical innovations – modular construction and container shippable
onsite without requiring specialist lifting and deployment equipment.


MAKO Turbines - engineering philosophy

Engineering Philosophy

To harness the latest advances in computer design, materials and techniques to overcome the challenges of operating in a harsh marine environment.


This approach has enabled us to deliver cost-effective predictable renewable power from the vast energy in the world's flowing water.

MAKO Turines - engineering facilities

Engineering Facilities

The MAKO has been fabricated in our modern CNC Machining facility which includes a Weiler lathe and a Kuka robot.  The lathe is capable of machining stainless steel parts for the MAKO to a tolerance of one thousandth of a millimetre.

Advances in CNC machining equipment allow us to input design files directly into our fully automated equipment to fabricate components. This enables us to significantly reduce time taken to design, fabricate, test and improve the various structural components of the MAKO.

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