MAKO Installations

MAKO installations, demonstration sites and launch customers prove the advantages of our tidal energy system.

Sentosa Island, Singapore - 2019

Demonstration of MAKO tidal energy system in South East Asian conditions, pioneering attachment to a bridge structure.

Eraring Power Station, Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia -2019

Launch customer site, utilising MAKO tidal energy system to recapture energy from constantly flowing cooling water tailrace.

Gladstone Port, Queensland 2018

Demonstration of tidal energy at a working port in Queensland Australia with GPC, incorporating sophisticated environmental monitoring given proximity to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Buka Passage, Bougainville,
Papau New Guinea - 2017

Collaborative tidal turbine demonstration project with the Autonomous Bouganville Government (ABG) and Kleinhardt Pty Ltd (KPL)

Tamar River, Tasmania - 2016

Collaborative tidal turbine research with the Australian Maritime College (AMC)

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